God Honored Her Faith

"What do you say? A prophet in Israel that can cure leprosy?"


"Why, did you ever know any one that was cured?"


"Well, then, what makes you think there is a prophet that can cure


"Oh, that isn't anything to what Elisha can do. There was a little

child that lived near us that died, and he raised him to life. He

has done many wonderful things."

She must have had a reputation for truthfulness. If she hadn't, her

testimony would not have been taken.

Some one told the general of it, and he made it known to the king.

Now, Naaman stood high in the king's favor, for he had recently won

a great victory. He stood near the throne. So the king said:

"You had better go down to Samaria, and see if there is anything in

it. I will give you letters of introduction to the King of Israel."

Yes, he would give Naaman letters of introduction to the king.

That's just man's idea. The notion was, that if anybody could help

him it was the king, and that the king had power both with God and

man. Oh, my friends, it is a good deal better to know a man that

knows God! A man acquainted with God has more power than any earthly

potentate. Gold can't do everything.

Away goes Naaman down to Samaria with his kingly introduction. What

a stir it must have made when the commander of the Syrian army drove

up! He has brought with him a lot of gold and silver. That is man's

idea again; he is going to pay for a great doctor, and he took about

five hundred thousand dollars to pay for the doctor's bill. There

are a good many men who would willingly pay that sum if with it they

could buy the favor of God, and get rid of the curse of sin. Yes, if

money could do it,